XChangePoint is a new company based in NYC, established by many of the same entrepreneurs who built the world's first financial extranet

By the financial community. For the financial community.

Our team of experts is developing an advanced, ultra-high performance and ultra-secure global network to interconnect the world’s financial ecosystem. Launching in 2021, this digital platform will connect the global financial community to support the applications and services shaping the future of trading, banking, and payments.

  • XChangePoint is utilizing a proven consortium model for fintech investment
  • Seat at the table and equity upside
  • Financial firms want greater influence over the vendors that support their critical services
  • Commonalities across the industry create opportunities for special industry solutions
  • Uniting the Financial Industry (20% of GDP) yields huge efficiencies and savings

A proud heritage. A Proven Team.

  • Founded and led by the XChangePoint management team
  • The financial community’s first global inter-firm network (extranet) to support mission-critical network communications
  • Grew to 34 countries and 40 financial markets
  • Hundreds of customers and more than 2,000 customer access nodes (CANs)
  • IPO in August’99 – $97.5M raised with a $744M valuation
  • Sold to Global Crossing for $3.8B in June’01 ($3.6B+ return to investors)