Liberate Your Organization from Expensive Legacy Networks: Move from Capex to Opex, and Scale As You Grow

The Financial Industry is enabled by connectivity but also confronted with the challenge of how to manage the compounding growth of information exchanged between financial market participants globally.  The shift to cloud creates the need for even more connectivity, and IT teams within the world’s largest banks, brokerages, clearing firms, market data providers, payments services, regulators an more are charged with new decisions on how to securely support volatility and change in the new world.

The massive overlap of market participants with duplicative networks presents a unique opportunity to build a different kind of private network, or extranet, and to rationalize virtual private lines.

By directly Peering all the Financial Market participants through XChangePoints (XCPs) we eliminate millions of connections and shrink the distances between users and the content they consume, and by extension dramatically improve performance while reducing the attack surface, enhancing security and reducing costs.

We’ve contracted the process of procuring, provisioning, implementing and managing connectivity to a matter of minutes, not hours, days or even weeks. With our fully programmable, high speed fiber optic network, where the world’s top financial services firms and their service providers can support, secure and scale leveraging our software-defined operating system.

Rather than continuing to struggle with legacy approaches, now XCP members can simply enroll, receive their credentials, log in and start spinning up connections using an intuitive management portal, connecting with all their trading partners and applications-as-a-service providers with a secure point-and-click system orchestrating a fiber-optic network owned by the members.

This leads to better performance, stronger security, and less cost and the flexibility to adapt as business requirements change.

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